Our Purpose

Our purpose for starting a church here in Little Meadows, PA is a simple one.  God has commanded each of us to,  "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."  So many churches have discontinued preaching and teaching the "whole counsel of God," and have modified themselves to be more of a "social club."  With this realization, a small group of individuals who wanted to adhere to the word of God and the teaching of the Bible asked Pastor Dale and his wife if they would be willing to come to this area and help start a new "Bible believing, independent church."  They accepted this call in April of 2007 and a new and independent church was planted and continues to grow here.  God commands every believer to go into at least their own world and preach the good news that Jesus Christ has come, has given his life as a sacrifice, shed his blood for the remission of sins and has invited each person to come to him and receive eternal life through his sacrifice.  We are a church that takes God's words as well as God's commands very seriously, so another important part of our  purpose here is to bring the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to as many as possible while there is still time.  It  has become more and more obvious to those of us who are a part of God's work here that God is blessing in many ways.  We have seen many saved, baptized and added to the membership of CIBC.  We will continue to follow our Lord's teaching and directive will while we still have time here.

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