Community Independent Bible Church has many ministries in which we are involved. You can learn about our worship services, youth ministry, and women's outreach programs by clicking on the text below.

We also have a men's breakfast that meets monthly. A devotion and prayer time is held during these breakfasts. Please check Upcoming Events for date, time, and place.

We are constantly at work to find ways to serve our Lord in our surrounding communities (and we consider our Community to extend far beyond Little Meadows, Warren Center, and Apalachin). Here are some examples of some recent events:

  1. For Thanksgiving, we provided all the food necessary for many needy families to enjoy a traditional dinner. We also provided a Harvest Dinner that was open to the community.
  2. During Christmas, we held a live nativity, adopted a needy family, providing their gifts, and provided many needy families with food to prepare a meal.
  3. The Youth went to a nursing home to work with and fellowship with the residents.
  4. We held two workshops on witnessing that were open to churches in our area.
  5. We witnessed to many homes in our community.
  6. We have people involved in prison ministry.
  7. We've held several movie nights.
  8. We had a women's outreach day where we have invited women to come and be spiritually, emotionally, and physically uplifted. We also had a mother/daughter dinner.

We strive to maintain a connection with our Community to provide assistance via volunteer work when there is a need. If you know of someone in need in the area, please feel free to contact us.


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